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China Sewing machine industry development history news

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In 1890, China imported from the United States the first sewing machine.
1905, Shanghai first began to manufacture spare parts, and set up a number of spare parts production of small workshops.
In 1928, by Shanghai Xiechang sewing machine factory to produce the first 44-13 type industrial sewing machine. In the same year, Shanghai won the United States sewing machine factory also produced the first domestic sewing machine.
Before 1949, the entire old China Sewing machine production is very low, the annual output of less than 4000 units, then the sewing equipment market is monopolized by the United States SINGER company.
In 1949, after the founding of new China, the sewing machinery industry has been fully developed, the industry experienced a reorganization and transformation stage, public-private partnerships, mergers and cooperation, made a reasonable division of labor, formed a group of backbone enterprises: such as Shanghai, Chang, Huigong, trapeze, butterflies and Tianjin sewing machine factory and Guangzhou Huanan sewing machine factory sewing machine manufacturer, mainly produces ordinary household sewing machines and low-grade industrial sewing machine.
At the end of the 1950s, light industry of household sewing machine implementation of the standardization and generalization, unified design drawings, parts to improve the compatibility, the sewing machine production enterprises have continuously increased, Kuishan, medical surgery, badminton, bicycle tires and tire cord fabric stitching uses special sewing machine is also developed according to the need. According to statistics.
As of 1980, there were 56 sewing machine production enterprises, distributed in 22 provinces and cities. As of 1982, China's sewing machine production reached 12860000 units, ranking first in the world.
To the mid 80's, along with the market and the consumption structure adjustment, the product structure of the sewing machine in the middle and low speed industrial sewing machine foundation to the high speed, the series direction development, the electron, the computer technology has been widely used in the sewing machine. At the same time, China has also completed the establishment of parts supporting system, build a large sewing machine sales network. Some sewing machine enterprises in the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the advanced technology for digestion and absorption.
In the early 90's, the international famous enterprises have entered China, and established a joint venture and wholly owned enterprises in China.
90 years later, the rise of private enterprises, the industrial structure of the big adjustment to promote the development of the industry, the overall form of the Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Tianjin and Guangzhou and other 6 major regions and base.
As of 2004, China's sewing machine manufacturing plant reached more than 600, spare parts manufacturers of more than 1000, the annual production capacity of 14008000 units, production value of about 28000000000 yuan, nearly a thousand varieties, has become one of the world's major sewing machinery manufacturing countries.
The birth and development history of sewing machine
There are always different opinions about the invention of the sewing machine. In fact, the first sewing machine is the American Elias - Hao (1819 ~ 1867) the invention (patent number: 4750).
Howard Johnson at the Spencer of Massachusetts, and in a local textile factory by the apprentices grow into a good mechanic. May be interested in due to the great concentration in the research of sewing machine, to April 1845, and finally create a practical sewing machine. Public demonstration, the invention of the invention is more than five times more efficient than agile sewing manual operation. House of his own invention in the U.S. market to succeed, hence in 1846 to England, and the machine of the British Copyright sold with a female bra, shoes and umbrellas manufacturer William Thomas. When he returned to the United States, he found a number of manufacturers, including Isaac SINGER has begun production and sales of similar to his invention of the sewing machine, so a long, from 1854 to five years of 1849 years of legal rights, and the ultimate defense of their own rights. In 1865, Howe Bridgeport (HO) Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in, and its products won the gold medal at the Paris exhibition in 1867.
On the other hand, in 1790, the British invented the first world first first burrow, threading, sewing shoes with single chain line trace hand sewing machine. In 1841, the French invented the machine needle with hook of the chain stitch sewing machine. In 1851, American workers Eloik - Merritt - singer with the singer brothers invented the lock stitch sewing machine, and set up a singer company. Sewing machine this period basically is the hand.
Development of sewing machine
In 1859, SINGER invented the pedal type sewing machine. After Thomas and Edison invented the motor, in 1889, SINGER invented the electric motor drive sewing machine. Since then, a new era in the sewing machine industry. In 1940, the Swiss Elna company invented the tube bottom slab aluminum alloy shell casting, built in motor portable household sewing machine. After 1950, the domestic multifunctional sewing machine was developed.
Founded in 1851, SINGER is the first company in the United States to start production sewing machine company, in the United States, the production of sewing machine after the clock. In 1870, the United States of the company has 69 sewing machine, in 1871, the United States, the annual output of 700000 sewing machine. By 1891, SINGER has accumulated 10000000 sewing machines. It can be said that in a long time, SINGER has basically monopolized the world's sewing machine production.
After the Second World War, the former West Germany, Italy and Japan sewing machine industry developed rapidly, the European countries in addition to the production of high-end traditional home sewing machine companies, most companies began to produce industrial sewing machine.

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