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China Sewing machine industry development in the next 10 years

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China Sewing machine industry development history news
10 years, for a person's life may be very long, but for an industry, but it is a short moment of things.
Looking back on the development of China Sewing machinery industry, in a 10 years and a 10 years has experienced a copy, innovation, loss, brilliant...... Today, when we stand in the new starting point in 2010, although the sewing machinery industry in China has not completely get rid of the shadow of the financial crisis, but we still have reason to believe that -- in the next 10 years, China Sewing machinery market potential and opportunities coexist, the development of her worth looking forward to.
Facing the global financial crisis that began in early 2008, China's sewing machinery industry has been hit hard, which makes people think of more than a decade ago.
At the beginning of 1990s, the popularity of clothing and apparel production makes the domestic industrial sewing machine in short supply. However, with the gradual opening of the market good times don't last long, foreign enterprises have entered the country. Face technology leader, the concept of advanced foreign sewing equipment brand competition, the foundation is weak China Sewing machinery enterprises to enter a period of five or six years of adjustment. For a time, businesses are struggling to move forward, but let the industry completed the accumulation of a reform, adjust the structure, technology, brand heritage ready to process.
It is the accumulation of such, when China's accession to the WTO, headed by the textile and apparel textile products export a lot of energy release, China Sewing Machinery Industry caught this golden opportunity for development. In terms of products, many domestic products reached the international advanced level, in industrial sewing machine for sewing equipment the full realization of the mechanical and electrical integration, its performance, quality for 10 years ago, the product structure is simple and rough to the scruff of the neck; in terms of product varieties, domestic design was also foreign brand products and shorten the gap, open bag machine, patch pocket machine, placket machine such automatic sewing unit can implemented in the domestic independent R & D and production.
In addition, the product is fully achieved high-speed. High speed of the main embodiment of technological progress, sewing machine speed every 1000 turn, the machine structure, parts precision, assembly requirements are very high.
Product performance has been significantly improved, and the development of enterprises and brand has also gained a qualitative leap. To complete the reform of the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises realized reborn transformation, establish the modern enterprise system, "work", "standard", "Czech", "Jack" and other brands in overseas markets began to directly compete with international brand...
It can be said that the past 10 years, China Sewing Machinery in the product structure, quality, brand and technology have been considerable development of 10 years, can be described as China's sewing machinery industry development of gold for 10 years. Industrial sewing machine: bigger and stronger or do special to do fine, is the future direction of China's seam.
Whether the industry or enterprise, it is in a round of crisis, through innovation, upgrade to a new height, for the next phase of the development of savings. So China Sewing machinery industry when facing the crisis like 10 years ago, get the experience of domestic sewing machine enterprise will develop more mature.
Of course, the development of the industry is not a simple repetition of the past 10 years of accumulation and development, the Chinese sewing machine industry has stood at a higher starting point. Today, the industry has reached a high degree of consensus, in the past that by the amount of expansion of the extensive mode of development will not be sustainable, the next step is to take the development of technology + brand road.
Can be seen, although the industry has experienced nearly a year, but a lot of vision, the industry has a strong confidence in the industry will be considered as a chance to turn the machine, the investment in technological innovation has not slowed down the pace, some of the strength of the company has invested a lot of power to enhance the research and development of independent innovation products.
So, in the next 10 years, China's sewing machine industry will appear a number of the world's advanced level, face the international competition, to enter the international forefront of the company. The majority of small and medium enterprises to achieve the transformation, to play their own advantages in a particular class of special equipment to do, do fine, do deep, have a good profit space.
Rational, pragmatic planning for the future development, or bigger and stronger, or do a fine, this is the future direction of Chinese sewing machine enterprises. And the reorganization of enterprises, the integration of resources is a trend with the development of.
Today, our enterprises from the production capacity to the capital accumulation although certain foundation, but there is a certain gap compared with the international advanced level, so through the acquisition of foreign brands, buy technology to make up for their deficiencies in technology and brand, in order to increase the in the market competitive force drama will be staged in the more and more domestic companies.
Another point, in the face of waste of resources between domestic enterprises, serious duplication of competition, spend a lot of money to develop the same product, the same product, each enterprise can not achieve the technology upgrade, but also can not guarantee the profit space. In this regard, the reorganization of the joint between enterprises, mutual equity, mutual marketing, development of the consciousness has become clear. Although it is still in the trial stage, but as long as the entrepreneurs have a consensus, there will be results.
In short, for the new 10 years of Chinese sewing machine industry, not only to enter the world's leading level, but also to take a clear advantage in the competition of foreign enterprises, and lead the development of this industry. At the same time, with the rapid development of China's clothing brand and enhance the excellent domestic equipment will become a strong support for its necessary. 

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